About URCC

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The United Company consists of two units, they are:
The First Unit: The Mixer of the Readymade Concrete

This unit is working on fulfilling the needs of building for its clients by means of designing products that adapt with the needs of the clients and profits its services at the highest level of quality in the specified time due to its equipment and distinguished employment; high level of efficiency and experience of its engineers, technicians. The readymade concrete unit is keen to be committed to abide by the strict quality and labs tests process of its products to provide the distinguished services for its clients and for that purpose it uses the row materials supplied from most reliable sources.

Second Unit: The Crusher Unit

The company possess a crusher that produce gravel at different sizes ranging between 1 - 8 inches to meet the needs of the mixers of the concrete and to pave the roads, building works and bloc manufacturing. The crusher products of gravel is regarded as the best types of gravel in Yemen. The crusher unit possess heavy equipment that is regarded as one of the best international equipment as well as the best skilled technitians having international capabilities.